Is your Logo Doing its Job? Part 2: Simple Clues

Clients of our studio often ask us to develop a new logo as part of their company’s identity and branding strategy, or to create a logo for an event, program or product.

With any new client who requests a logo, we discuss why an organization might need a new logo. But what is a good logo? Here are some points to consider:

nlogo1. A good logo must convey an idea—an idea that is a visual clue about your brand. A logo is not an illustration or a decoration. It is a symbolic representation of an idea, meant to convey an impression. The Nike “swoosh” is exactly that: an impression of movement and speed. If people can’t determine what a logo is or what it means, it’s not doing its job.

2. A good logo must be simple. It should be memorable and recognizable at first glance. It should contain one or two ideas, no more. There should be a harmonious relationship between the pictorial part of the logo (if any) and the namestyle. If a logo is simple, recognizable, and memorable, chances are it’s doing its job.