Is Your Logo Doing its Job? Part 4: Versatility

bluehouse We’ve been talking in this series about the characteristics of a good logo. Here’s a page of ideas we submitted to a political action group, who requested a logo that could serve many purposes.

A good logo is versatile. A logo design must work well in black and white (for certain publications like newspapers), reproduce well at very large and very small sizes (for billboards, stickpins), and be adaptable to a number of formats—pencil or coffee cup? Can it be: Silk-screened on a tee-shirt? Woven into upholstery fabric? Developed into signage? Animated for motion graphics projects?

A good logo should have no undesirable effects when seen upside-down, flipped, or sideways. It’s essential to think through all the intended uses of a logo before deciding on a final design, and that takes good communication (and sometimes, a crystal ball) to discover all the future applications of the logo.