Is Your Logo Doing its Job? Part 5: Soul in a Nutshell

nutWhen considering the characteristics of a good logo, here is a final, and most important, tip:

A good logo is the signature of the brand. A good logo is the visual signature of the priorities, direction, style, personality and “soul” of the organization that it represents. A great logo expresses the qualities that make your organization what it is, in a nutshell. It is the visual essence of the company’s mission, and should be well-liked and enthusiastically supported by employees and executives alike.

If so, that logo is doing its job.

Is your organization’s logo doing its job? Carol Caley & Associates has designed logos and visual identities for clients such as Leadership California, Braille Institute, Baxter Hyland Immuno (Baxter Bioscience), National Association of Women Business Owners-LA, Holy Cross Hospital of Taos, Pasadena Museum of History, Autry Museum of Western Heritage and many others.