Make Events Part of the Brand

pmh_fashion_eventBranding an event is a ideal way for your organization to enhance its own brand and highlight special celebrations throughout the year. Fundraisers, openings, installations, employee recognitions, sports events and other celebrations can each have an individual theme that ties in with the overall visual identity of the organization.

At this event, a fashion show at the Pasadena Museum of History, we featured illustrations by Charles Dana Gibson, an American illustrator best known for his creation of the Gibson Girl, an icon of the turn-of-the-20th-century American woman. This illustration appeared on all event promotional materials like this postcard.

Before this event, we promoted the event’s special “brand”—the Gibson Girl—on the website, in broadcast email communications, in printed invitations and in advertising. We even sent the Gibson Girl image along with our press releases.

At any event, the event brand should appear in printed program materials, Power Point presentations, banner stands on stage, posters and signage at the venue, and on any specialty gear such as hats and tee-shirts. Flower and table designs, even awards can be designed to coordinate with the event theme. The result is the look and feel of a unified plan that makes an event unforgettable for sponsors, donors, guests, staff—for everyone.