Making Events Memorable

Carol Caley & Associates designed and developed the identity and promotional materials for Leadership California’s Legacy of Leadership Awards, an event featuring a visual identity that ties this special event to the overall mission of the organization.

The brand identity includes a grid of women’s faces, the organization’s signature blue and yellow, and the key words Insight, Opportunity and Access.

Everything related to the event has a consistent look and features a consistent message. Printed invitations match the broadcast email invitations and the registration webpage, reinforcing the message: Register now! Each time the receiver gets the message, the visual identifiers make the message clear.

At the event, the program book, the Power Point presentation, even the award plaques have the “look.” Sponsor signs and banner stands are designed to showcase the Leadership California identity.

Why is consistency so important? If sponsors are to remember the organization when it’s time to write a check, it’s important to distinguish that event by clearly making the case for the cause throughout the campaign. Give them great reasons to attend, then show them a good time.