Rethinking the Brand for Baxter Merger

baxterWhen pharmaceutical giant Baxter acquired Immuno International AG of Austria, Carol Caley & Associates was asked to develop materials for an internal and external re-branding.

The effort was designed to bridge two distinct corporate cultures and to launch Baxter Hyland Immuno’s new brand globally. Images of children and adults enjoying good health due to lifesaving vaccines, blood products and recombinant DNA technologies were paired with the theme, “Life. Made Better.”

We designed and produced a set of six posters, document portfolios, promotional items for a “Baxter Day” brand launch celebration and a newsletter in both English and German versions, distributed worldwide. We were responsible for managing the entire project, including global distribution.

Fostering an emotional connection with people is what makes a brand strong. That connection helped get two companies and their sets of diverse employees on the same page. We are proud to be the studio to implement the creative vision for the launch of Baxter Hyland Immuno, whose life-saving technologies offer health and life to patients.