Secrets of the Creative Mind: Doodler’s Memory Jog

sticks“I can’t draw a stick figure” friends often say, somehow equating drawing ability with creativity. But even if you can’t draw, you should doodle, and here’s why: Doodling enhances memory.

According to an article in WebMD, a new study shows that doodling could help you remember key information.

“Researchers asked 40 adults who had just finished a test to listen to a ‘rather dull’ audiotape play for two and a half minutes and to jot down the names of people who would definitely or probably be coming to a party, according to the tape. Half of the participants were encouraged to doodle as they listened; the other half didn’t doodle. A minute after the tape finished, participants took a pop quiz in which they had to recall names and places mentioned on the tape. The doodlers recalled an average of 7.5 pieces of information, 29 percent more than the average of 5.8 recalled by the control group.” Source: Applied Cognitive Psychology

So start doodling in those boring meetings. You might not get better at drawing, but you’ll get more out of the meeting.