Up a Tree… In a Good Way

Everyone has a fascinating story. So does every organization. Here’s one of my recent projects that you might like. I created it for an arborist consultant who works with trees, and sometimes even IN trees.

Arborist Rebecca Latta called me in to do a simple refresher of her brand and company website, going for a memorable overall look. I invited her entire team to my house. Then I invited them to climb my oak tree. Then… I took away the ladder! Sometimes one pic tells it all: why her brand is unique.

Our work in progress for Rebecca Latta Consulting includes:

  • Blogging weekly on timely topics—tree health, SoCal landscape sustainability, water management, disease control and climate change
  • Writing articles for local magazines to gain free media coverage for her business
  • New graphics—with a new logo, postcards, business cards, and email footer—so each and every communication reminds people of the brand
  • Renovating the website in easy stages
  • PR services for Rebecca’s events and speaking opportunities
  • Upcoming: Instagram posts from the field, and e-news to keep in touch with clients

Every organization has a fascinating story. Need a little help telling yours?
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